Saturday, March 17, 2007

2007 Update

The news ban about the lost island of Antilla has been lifted.. Unfortunately the news that I can now report is not interesting. This is no lost island.. There's nothing all that special about it other than the unusual rock formation and air bubble (which slowly collapsed when a team started digging to find a sign of civilization). No one was hurt.

This next section was edited by the author to not include names or places, as there was an outrage created. Sometimes people do not realize they have friends in their very midst.

I'm still abroad investigating some exciting technology that I've seen with my own eyes, and although I'm not a physicist, my considerable scientific knowledge tells me that they have something here. A group of scientists must first verify their claims publically and then the world can change..

The world wants free energy, but the people in charge of the world certainly do not! Free energy would allow us to ship all of our garbage into the sun, reverse all the damage we've done to this earth, live in our own floating cities, terraform mars into an earth-like environment in a fraction of the time that we otherwise could have and much more (like infinitely running cars, phones, computers, planes, lights).


Mark said...

We are another firm developing what we call Magnetic Power Modules(tm). These are solid-state devices that produce electricity. They can be fabricated in many of the world's electronic factories. Our work also includes a family of motor/generators with moving parts.

The website is:

Mark Goldes, CEO, Magnetic Power Inc.

Edward said...

I'd be interested in touring your facility with my team. Please email me at -- e w i n d e r m e r e (at) g m a i l (dot) c o m --

Maximilian said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, lmao

Anonymous said...

What a nut job.

Anonymous said...


I'm pleased you have dropped in and now have a chance to answer to the shocking allegations and unnecessary personal abuse to which you have recently been subjected

bernard said...


great to see you back !!

gratefultedster said...

so what say you edward?
it seems you have been untruthful.
what say you!

troy.job-- said...

I read about Antilla in a German newspaper - this was unfortunate news.

I heard a rumour that you were investigating a thermal/flywheel solution for energy - can you confirm these accounts?

Kyle said...

Edward keep us posted on your trips. We enjoy reading about your adventures!!!

Anonymous said...

Edward I must remain anonymous in this post - but I have a trusted source in the Magnetic Power Inc who has informed me that their work has been highly unsuccessful. Such motor based generators are simply too restricted by the forces of friction to be effective.

Please do not waste your time touring there!

Edward said...

All comments have been deleted that references names and/or places. This will likely be my last post in this thread. I may direct all other comments to my assistant Jonathan.

Jonathan said...

Comment posting on this thread has been closed.